West Bengal Scholarship Application Form PDF

West Bengal Scholarship Application Form PDF: The West Bengal state government introduced a scholarship program named OASIS for 2020-21 through the backward classes welfare department and Tribal development department. The scholarship is applicable to provide financial assistance for the students belonging to SC, ST, and OBC categories. Students who are residing in West Bengal are only eligible to apply for scholarship.





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The OASIS website is designed to provide Pre-matric and Post-matric scholarship assistance for the backward castes. The Indian government bears the entire expenditure beyond the committed liability that is borne by the State Government. This scheme is applied to various courses. The funds are released and categorized both for hostelers and day scholar students as per the convenience of the students. The main function of it is to Promote and implement educational schemes including training for the enhancement of the capabilities of students.

West Bengal Scholarship Application Form PDF

An online application for the pre-matric & post-matric scholarship for the year 2021-22  is available on the OASIS official website can be downloaded through the given below link.


Particulars to be filled in West Bengal Scholarship:

The below-given details have to be filled in by the applicant.

  1. Full Name of Applicant (Mr./Mrs./Miss) in Block letters.
  2. Name of Father/Husband Name of Father/Husband.
  3. Date of Birth.
  4. Marital status
  5. Nationality
  6. Religion
  7. Telephone Number (if any).
  8. Caste (SC/ST/OBC)
  9. Sub-Caste
  10. State to which applicant belongs
  11. Permanent Address (P.O, P.S, Dist and State)
  12. The applicant has to tick YES / NO, Whether in full-time employment. If they agree they have to give details of the employment.
  13. Particulars regarding Father/Mother/Husband/ Guardian who supports in applicant’s studies are to be mentioned.
  14. Name
  15. Occupation(if employed, give income certificate from the employer)
  16. Address
  17. Bank Details of applicant
  18. Bank Name
  19. Branch
  20. B A/C No
  21. IFSC Code
  22. MICR Code
  23. Course Details
  24. Name & Address of Institution (mentioning State / UT )
  25. Class & Course of Study
  26. Nature of Course (Degree / Diploma/ Certificate)
  27. Fulltime / Part-time (for c & d strike out the inappropriate)
  28. Duration of Course
  29. The actual date of joining the class
  30. Tentative date of the end of the session
  31. Particulars of non-refundable compulsory fees payable by the applicants
  32. Non-refundable fee (Rate (Rs.), Amount payable (Rs.), and Remarks)

Tuition Fee

Session Charges

Examination fee (Charged by Institute or University)

Games Fee

Library Fee

  1. Tick YES / NO option whether the person receives this scholarship of the previous year. If Yes, the amount received should be mentioned.
  2. Whether pursuing any other Course? If yes, give details of Institute & Course
  3. Whether applied for Merit/National Loan Scholarship or any other Stipend/Scholarship
  4. Annual Gross Family Income from all sources
  5. Hostel Details (to be filled by Hostellers only)
  6. Name & Address of Hostel
  7. Date of joining in current Session
  8. Charge payable

(A certificate by Hostel Superintendent and duly countersigned by the Head of the Institution showing exact date of admission to Hostel & charge payable to be submitted)

  1. A declaration is to be submitted by the applicant as well as the University / Board where the candidate wishes to apply.
  2. Dated Signature of the Applicant.
  3. Get the seal and signature of the Head of Institution.
  4. The details of the institution are to be noted. (Name, Designation, Address, State, and PIN Code)
  5. Income, Caste & Citizenship Certificate should be submitted
  6. A declaration of income should be given by the parents/ guardians when the candidate is not employed

Submission of West Bengal Scholarship form pdf:

The applicant has to download the form to fill in all the particulars mentioned in it. The filled-in application has to be submitted offline to the concerned officer at Municipal Corporation along with the required copies to be attested.

Our website provides several pdf forms for the benefit of the users. People can easily download the pdf form that has to be applied and follow the instructions that are given simply. The residents of West Bengal can make use of the benefits that are given to the backward classes.


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