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Medical Fitness Certificate PDF Form / medical fitness certificate format pdf for central govt employees: Medical Fitness Certificate is a document which is provided by an authority of medical practitioners which certifies that an applicant is fit for work by completion of medical examination. For many purposes, Medical Fitness Certificates are needful. Not only for job opportunities but especially fitness certificates are also required for heavy lifting, games, government jobs, central government jobs which require physical exertion.

So, that medical fitness certificates are required in those kinds of situations. For some of the fitness trips, trekking, and other traveling activities you may require Medical Fitness Certificate. The main concept of Medical Fitness Certificate is allotted to each applicant those who are in good health and able to handle all the work at work premises under any circumstances.

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Purpose of Medical Fitness Certificate

Medical Fitness Certificates (medical certificate of fitness )are only issued by the medical graduates, those who are done with MBBS, or other medical-related graduates under the state medical council. Medical Fitness Certificate validity is up to 15 days, an applicant can extend the validity beyond 15days to renew. In traditional days, Medical Fitness Certificates are mainly needful for Jobs, traveling purposes, but now for many activities, Medical Fitness Certificates are asking frequently.

Medical Fitness Certificate PDF Format / Physical fitness certificate in word format

  • In the first step you need to fill up all the details in empty space, i.e:
  • You have Examined Shri / Kuma / Smt. ________ Son / D of Shri ___________ aged _________ years, of Village: __________ P.O. ______ P.S __________ District ________ state ___________ PIN __________ and certify that, he/she if free from deafness, defective vision (which also includes colour vision) or any other infirmity, mental health.
  • This Medical Fitness Certificate is being given to him/her for the purpose of ________________ (Here mention the reason that why you need Fitness Medical Certificate).
  • You need to mention your signature or name here (Signature of the Candidate) Under the presence of the Medical Officer you need to sign.
  • Final step – You need to get signed by the medical officer authority
  • Signature of the Medical Officer, Name of the Authority, and Registration number. Mention the date and Seal.
  • In the last step, Medical Certificate specifies that you are granted by the medical officer who pursued an M.B.B.S medical degree under the medical council of India. The date provided of the medical certificate should be within one year of the date of the application. Finally, you will get Medical Fitness Certificate which is approved by the medical practitioner authority.

What are the Medical Fitness Certificate Contents?

Following are the contents of the Medical Fitness Certificate:

  • In bold letters, you should fill the document title.
  • Mention the address in the certificate.
  • Date of the examination.
  • Specify the Name, address of the medical practitioner’s client or patient.
  • Provide the Name, Job, and Address of the authority of the medical practitioners.
  • Here we need to specify the additional note, which might be mandatory to the client to the applicant. (If any restrictions on particular activities, this is more similar when the client is back to work after any sickness or injury).
  • We can conclude the Medical Fitness Certificate with a signature, number which is registered by medical practioner authority.
  • An additional point should be focused on that a medical certificate copy shall be provided by the practitioner or doctor for 3 years the time period from the date of issue.

Where can you Medical Fitness Certificate PDF / physical fitness certificate pdf?

Check DOWNLOAD PDF NOW Medical Fitness Certificate PDF from the below botton:

Candidates who want to get the Medical Fitness Certificate should get it from medical graduates by providing all the valid and additional details of them. If you are applying for job purposes then you must mention the date of the examination and examination type in the designation field. So, that applicants can find many uses from this medical fitness certificate.


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