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Unmarried Certificate PDF Format Download: The official document that certifies the individual’s present unmarried status is called an Unmarried Certificate. It is issued by a municipal corporation, civil registry office, government organization, councilor, or sarpanch of the village. The certificate specifies that the person or the individual has not got married till the date of issuance of the certificate. The unmarried certificate is used to apply for a visa, for immigration purposes, participate in certain programs, and attain jobs in the Navy, Air Force, and Army. The certificate can also be shown as proof of the legal marriage.

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Application Forms ,General

Many of the government and private sector companies ask for the unmarried certificate to offer some particular jobs. To attain the desired job, the individuals find a need to attain the certificate of unmarried to prove themselves as they are single. The unmarried certificate form in pdf format for download is available here on the page. The persons who are in need can download and apply for it.

Unmarried Certificate PDF Details

All the fields in the form as mentioned below should be filled. The filled form should be submitted along with mentioned document list to attain the original certificate proof of unmarried status.  “Married/ Unmarried Certificate from Village Sarpanch/ Nambardar” is seen as the heading of the form.

  • Name of the Applicant
  • Father Name of the Applicant
  • Village Name
  • Post office Name
  • Tehsil
  • District
  • The photo should be pasted and has to be signed and stamped by the Sarpanch.

Documents need to be attached for Unmarried Certificate

  • Birth Certificate
  • Age Proof
  • Address Proof
  • An affidavit that declares that the individual is still a bachelor.
  • Application fee proof.
  • Father relationship proof

The application form for the Unmarried certificate should be submitted to the concerned municipality. A fee for the processing of the application is charged to the applicant. From the date of submission of the documents, within fifteen days an enquiry will be made related to the form submitted for checking the status of the individual. At least two neighbors’ statement as a witness is recorded. After the final verification, the certificate gets approved and will be received by the individual within a few days. After attaining the unmarried certificate, if in case the individual gets married, then he/she must change the certificate by showing the updated certificates as proof. Maintaining the unmarried certificate after marriage is a crime against the law. So, it should get changed or updated.

The application process of applying for the unmarried certificate may vary depending on different jurisdictions. The validity period for the certificate may vary depending on the issuing authority. Some of them are provided with no expiry while some of them are issued for six months or a one year time. The unmarried certificate may also be called a “Certificate of Non-Marriage” “Certificate of Bachelorhood” or “Certificate of Single Status”.

A person who is single and not committed to any relations can be considered an unmarried person. The certificate is provided as proof of single status known as an Unmarried certificate. The persons or the job aspirants who need the certificate can get it by applying in the pattern explained on our website www.getpdfform.com. As it is one of the rare certificates, the process of how to apply is not known. So, such users can visit the page, read and know how to apply for getting the concerned certificate.


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