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Hindi Varnamala PDF Download | हिन्दी वर्णमाला चार्ट : Hindi is one of the important languages spoken in the northern part of India. It is treated as the national language written in the Devanagari script. The alphabets in the Hindi language are called “Varnamala” (वर्णमाला). “वर्णमाला” is the combination of vowels and consonants. The vowels in Hindi are called “स्वर वर्ण” and Consonants are called “व्यंजन वर्ण”. The Hindi Varnamala list is provided on the present page in pdf format. People who intend to learn the language of Hindi can download the pdf form.

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To learn any language first alphabets are to be learned. The related words starting with each of the alphabets are learned. Then proceed to learn the two-letter, three-letter words, and the next-level words. Learning the words turns out to proceed with sentence formation. The grouping of sentences helps to frame a paragraph which is the collection of sentences.

Here is the list of Hindi Alphabets that are written in order and the pronunciation of the letter is given within the brackets in English language. The word has to be pronounced as how it is used in its language formation.

Hindi Varnamala Vowels (स्वर वर्ण) in Hindi

  • अ (a)    आ (Aa)     इ (i)       ई (ee)    उ (Ou)    ऊ (Oo)    ऋ (Ri)
  • ए (E)     ऐ (Ai)       ओ (O)    औ (Au)     अं (Am)     अः (Ah)

Hindi Varnamala  Consonants (व्यंजन वर्ण) in Hindi

  • क (Ka)     ख (Kha)     ग (ga)     घ (gha)     ङ (nga)
  • च (cha)     छ (chh)      ज (ja)     झ (jhh)      ञ (na)
  • ट (tta)       ठ (ttha)      ड(dda)    ढ (ddha)   ण (nna)
  • त (ta)        थ (tha)        द (da)     ध (ddha)   न (na)
  • प (pa) फ (pha)      (ba) भ (bha) म (ma)

Other Consonants in Hindi:

  • य (ya) र (ra) ल (la) व (va)    (sa) (sha)  
  • (saa) (ha)    क्ष (ksha) त्र (tra) ज्ञ (gna) श्र (shra)

Actually the letters क, ख, ग, घ, etc are only the consonants. But they are always pronounced in combination of vowels such as अ, आ, इ, ई, etc. The vowels are allotted with some signs. They are as given below.

  • अ (a) – ‘ा’
  • आ (Aa) – ‘ाI’
  • इ (i) – ‘ि’
  • ई (ee) – ‘ी’
  • उ (Ou) – ‘ु’
  • ऊ (Oo) – ‘ू’
  • ऋ (Re) – ‘ ृ’
  • ए (E) – ‘े’
  • ऐ (Ai) – ‘ै’
  • ओ (O) – ‘ो’
  • औ (Au) – ‘ौ’
  • अं (Am) – ‘ं’
  • अः (Ah) – ‘ : ‘

Use of Hindi Language

The Hindi language should be learned for communication. As communication plays an important role in our daily life a person must learn the basics first and then completely learn the related language. First alphabets, words, sentences, and paragraph learning is the sequence of language learning. Hindi is one of the subjects involved in student study. So, learning the Language Hindi is a must and needed for the students to score marks in the exam.

The combination of the letters in the varnamala helps the individual to learn the language through their combinations. Our website www.getpdfform.com gives a list of letters in the Hindi Language. The page users can make use of the data provided and mold it as a helpful thing to them. The “वर्णमाला” pdf is useful for the aspirants to learn the Hindi language.


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