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ESIC Form 37 PDF: The full name of ESIC is Employee State Insurance Corporation. This is a declaration form regarding the reemployment or continuing of the employment. People who want to submit this form may download it directly from the below-given link. Then fill up all the necessary details as shown below.

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How to fill ESIC Form 37

Field 1: Write the name and address of your current company/organization
Field 2: then mention the address and ESIC code number of your current employer (company/organization). (If you don’t know the details leave it, your company will write it)
Field 3: Write the name of the employee
Field 4: Then specify the father name of the employee
Field 5: Next mention the ESIC IP number of the employee
Field 6: clearly mention the starting date of ESIC contribution with the present company
Field 7: Specify the date of joining with the present company
Field 8: then write the end (last) date of ESIC contribution with the previous organization/company
Field 9: mention the date on which you are submitting this ESIC form 37
Field 10: Your current company will sign and write their designation along with the official seal.
Then submit the form to the nearest ESIC office.

What is ESIC Form 37

This form is a declaration form about the reemployment and continuing of the employment. If an employee completes the service of 78 days of contribution towards ESI. Then the worker can continue his/ her contribution towards ESIC. In case the employee regions the job then this form 37 is used for carrying forward the employee IP number to the new company. The employees/worker has to submit this form to any regional employee state insurance corporation office.

Important benefits of ESIC Registration:

The full name of ESIC is Employee State Insurance Corporation. It is a self-governing body formed by the Law and it is functioning under the Ministry of Labour and Employment, Government of India. Employees who recorded under Employee State Insurance will get many provisions such as Medical Assistant to an employee and his family members Disease aids will be given 70% (in the form of income), in case of any certified chronic disease and which lasts for a maximum of 91 days in any year Maternity Support to the women who are pregnant (paid leaves) during service In the case of expiry of the employee during the service – 90% of the income is given to his dependents (wife/children) every month after the death of the employee Cremation expenses are given to the employees family members After retirement old age medical expenditures will be given to the employees.

However, ESIC Form 37 is a declaration by the company regarding the reemployment or continuing of the employment. We hope the information given in this article is helpful and useful for those who want to submit this form.


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