Bonafide Certificate Application Form PDF for Students, Employee

Bonafide Certificate Application Form PDF Download for College Students, School Students, Scholarship, for employee: A bonafide certificate is a certificate that is issued by a particular organization that declares the person belongs to their organization. Mainly students of an institute and employees in an organization will be benefited from it. The students submit the Bonafide Student Certificate to get the scholarship, can attain concession in public transportation, for attending seminars and conferences. For passport and driving license applications this certificate is mandatory. For students studying wishing to go abroad, the certificate is asked to apply for Visa. In this way, this certificate will be applied as main proof in some cases and original proof in the remaining situations.

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Bonafide Certificate:

To get the Bonafide Certificate letter a request should be made for the organization. Some organizations will have a fixed pattern and they provide it in printed format. Some others will issue the certificate in the written format. The head of the organization’s signature and official stamp should be mentioned at the end of the form. This certificate mainly benefits the employers. As it works as an experience certificate that they had worked for a certain period in a particular organization.

The organization from where people need to get the certificate has to be a recognized office. There will be no use if the person attains the Bonafide Certificate from the unrecognized organization. A recognized organization can be checked by the place where it got recognized and there will be a recognition number. These two details are mandatory for attaining the certificate. This Bonafide Certificate acts as an identity for students and employers.

Bonafide Certificate pdf download for College Students, School Students, Scholarship, employee

The application for a bonafide certificate can be downloaded from the link given below. The pattern of the certificate may vary based on the organization. But the key details to be filled in are the same.

Particulars of Bonafide Certificate:

The below-mentioned details should get filled in to get a Bonafide Certificate. The certificate is headed as ‘Bonafide Certificate from The Head of Institution/School’

  • Name of the applicant: Full name of the person should be noted
  • Applicant’s Roll Number: The roll number of the individual
  • Father’s Name: Father’s name of the applicant
  • Roll No
  • Financial Year: The financial year for which the certificate is to be issued.
  • Date of Birth in words
  • The certification will be done that ‘He/She bears a good moral character.’
  • They mention the year number and confirm that they had studied in their school hostel and declare the amount they paid.
  • The institute/ schools affiliated recognized authority and affiliation/recognition number should be given.
  • Finally, the organization should give a declaration that all the mentioned details are correct as per their concern with date, place, and signature.

Submission of Bonafide Certificate:

The Bonafide Certificate attained can be submitted whenever necessary. Most probably the hard copy of it is used in case of submission as proof. The original certificate must be kept safe. When it is asked to refer, it can be shown as proof and retained afterward.

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