Canara Bank RTGS Form / NEFT Application From 2023 PDF

Canara Bank RTGS Form / NEFT Application Form 2023 PDF: Canara Bank is India’s third-largest nationalized bank. It provides RTGS / NEFT services for the transfer of amounts from one bank to the other. NEFT services are performed till 2 lakh rupees and RTGS transactions are made above 2 lakh rupees.  RTGS known as Real Time Gross Settlement is a system that allows the processing of fund transfers at the time received in real-time. For the RTGS system, the fund transfer takes place individually based on instructions as gross settlement.

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RTGS system is one of the fastest interbank transfers of money that is available through India’s secure bank channels. NEFT (National Electronic Fund Transfer) is a fund transfer system that gets operated on a Deferred Net Settlement basis (DNS). Canara Bank’s NEFT is a Deferred Net Settlement operated system in which transactions are settled in batches. Whereas in RTGS the transactions are individually settled. Both the NEFT/ RTGS transactions are performed 24/7 basis without any holidays.

The Download of RTGS /  NEFT form:

Customers of Canara Bank can download the form of RTGS/ NEFT from the official link provided below and can also get it from any of the Canara Bank branches.

The customers who wish to transfer the amount within any of the banks should attain the below particulars.

  • Remitter’s bank account number
  • IFSC code

Details to be filled in Canara Bank  RTGS / NEFT form:

The below details should be filled in the form. The form will contain two parts. Left side and right side of the form.

The left side part of the form contains the below details that are to be filled in.

  • Branch Name
  • Date of deposit
  • Sender’s Bank Name (By Cash/ Cheque for transfer through NEFT/ RTGS)
  • Sender’s Branch Name
  • Remitters Name (Favouring)
  • Remitters Account No
  • Transfer Amount
  • NEFT/ RTGS charges
  • The total amount in number (Total)
  • The total amount in words

The right side part of the form should be filled with the following details.

  • IFSC code
  • Branch Name
  • Date of deposit
  • Remitter’s Bank Name
  • Remitter’s Branch Name
  • Remitters Name (For the credit of SB/ CA/ OD/ Others)
  • Remitters Account No
  • Sender’s Name
  • Sender’s Mobile or Telephone Number
  • Sender’s Account Number
  • Sender’s PAN Number
  • Sender’s Address
  • At the end of the form, the sender of the amount should give their signature.

Submission of Canara Bank’s RTGS/ NEFT form:

The customer of the Canara Bank has to submit the form in their respective branch. Before the submission of the form, each individual should check all the details properly for further procedure. After submitting the form, the concerned person will check the details and process the transactions. The left part of the form will be given to the customer as a part of confirmation for further use.

The form for either of the bank transactions can be submitted online also. All the fields will be similar and the filled form can be uploaded to the official website. At the end of the transaction, a reference number will be provided for the customer as an acknowledgment.

Transaction charges:

To make RTGS or NEFT through Canara bank a minimum amount of charges are charged as per the Reserve Bank of India rule as mentioned below.

NEFT service charges for Canara Bank:

  • Up to Rs. 10,000 – Rs. 2.25
  • 10,000  to 1 lakh –Rs.4.75
  • 1 lakh – 2 lakhs – Rs.14.75
  • Above 2 lakhs – Rs. 24.75

RTGS service charges for Canara Bank:

  • 2 lakhs to 5 lakhs – Rs.24.50
  • Above 5 lakhs – Rs. 49.50

Our website is providing a varied number of pdf forms that are useful to many individuals to perform their daily life tasks. The users of the website can download all the forms for free of cost. The customers of the Canara Bank can download the form, and follow the instructions carefully to fill the form to organize their transactions systematically.


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